“Adapter” is a part autobiographical, part documentary theater piece about the life in Damascus, before, during, and after the uprising in Syria. The monologue offers an insight into the complexity of the narrative and how human relationships are affected by the pressures of war, revolution and displacement. (in Arabic & German).

Theater piece, 90 min, Arabic and German

Actors: Paul Wollin, Marina Frenk, Toks Körner

Co-director/scriptwriting:  Wasim Ghrioui

Director/Dramaturgy: Nora Haakh

Stage Costume: Noemi Baumblatt

Assistant Dramaturgy: Theo Plakoudakis and Merle Heinrich

German subtitles: Raman Khalaf

Technical management: Robert Lange

Production management and assistant director: Merle Heinrich

Intern: Isabel Lückerath

Translated from Arabic by: Sandra Hetzl, Carolin Kabra.

Performed at:

2017 Residenz theater, München

2016 Heimathafen, Aufbau-Haus, Berlin

2015 W3 Hamburg, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin